IAM International President Robert Martinez Jr. Announces Retirement After Historic Career, as General Vice President Brian Bryant Named Successor

After nearly eight years leading the union, two decades on the Executive Council and more than 43 years of membership, IAM International President Robert Martinez Jr. has announced that he will retire, effective Jan. 1, 2024. IAM Resident General Vice President Brian Bryant will succeed Martinez as the IAM’s next international president. Martinez’s historic tenure […]

IAM District 19 Membership Ratifies Contract with Amtrak

This is an historic contract. We have made changes that will improve the lives our membership, giving them more time with their families. The improvements include a 30% wage increase over the life of the contract which compounded is a 34.1% increase. The decision of our membership to ratify this historic Agreement shows the willingness to […]

Western Territory Leadership Shows IAM Support for Striking Writers Guild

IAM Western Territory General Vice President Gary R. Allen, Chief of Staff Bobby Martinez, and Grand Lodge Representative Richard Suarez held the line with Writers Guild of America (WGA) strikers outside of Paramount Studios in Los Angeles last week. “This is what being in the labor movement is,” said IAM Western Territory General Vice President […]

IAM Woodworkers Look to Grow Global Power Through Building and Wood Workers’ International

IAM Woodworkers Department Director and Vice President of Building and Wood Workers’ International (BWI) North America Region Bob Walls chaired the union federation’s recent North America Regional Meeting in Washington, DC. “We have identified which multinational companies (MNCs) are operating in North America, unionized and non-union,” said Walls. “These larger companies are known to lose […]

Tell Congress: Pass the Railway Safety Act of 2023 Now

The Railway Safety Act of 2023 has moved to the Senate floor for a full vote, and we’re asking for your help as rail workers to pressure Congress to pass the bill quickly. “The Bipartisan Railway Safety Act is a common-sense piece of legislation that will create several important safety improvements to the nation’s railways,” […]

Vote in the IAM’s 2024 presidential endorsement election!

For the 2020 U.S. presidential election, the IAM did something never before in our union or the modern U.S. labor movement. We gave our members a vote in our presidential endorsement. We will continue this tradition for the upcoming 2024 presidential election. Every IAM member in good standing is eligible to register on iamvoting.org for the IAM’s […]

Machinists Union Reaches Agreements in Principle for Top-of-Industry Wages, Stronger Job Protections for 30,000 Members at United Airlines

The IAM, North America’s largest air transport labor union, today announced it has reached agreements in principle with United Airlines that would deliver the industry’s best wages and stronger job protections to approximately 30,000 IAM members at United Airlines. The two-year tentative agreements cover seven different work classifications at the carrier, including Fleet Service Workers, […]

Register Now for the 2023 IAM Legislative Conference

Registration is now open for the 2023 IAM Legislative Conference! This crucial conference provides an opportunity for IAM members to have their voices heard in Washington, DC, and to advocate for policies that benefit working families. This year’s conference will take place from June 19-21, 2023, at the Hyatt Regency Washington, 400 New Jersey Ave. […]

IAM Members Visit Florida Capitol to Discuss Sugar Industry

Florida State Council of Machinists recently visited legislators in Tallahassee to discuss the importance of jobs in sugarcane farming and manufacturing in Florida. In their meetings, they shared that sugarcane farming and production support 19,201 jobs in Florida and has a $4.7 billion annual impact, including many union positions requiring skilled trades, such as machinists […]

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