Month: October 2020

Have You Voted Yet?

We wanted to check in to make sure you have voted or have a plan to vote in this very important election. Visit to get all the information you need to vote. You may remember that IAM members voted to endorse Joe Biden in a first-of-its-kind membership vote this March. Click here to view the IAM’s endorsed U.S. Senate […]

The NLRB’s Assault On Workers’ Rights Under the Trump Administration

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is failing the very people it was created to protect according to a new report from the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Education and Labor. The study highlights how the current administration has used the agency to undermine workers’ rights and eliminate unions. The committee report states “the current NLRB […]

Machinists Union: President Trump Has Broken His Promises to U.S. Workers

WASHINGTON, Sept. 9, 2020 – President Trump’s promises to revitalize U.S. manufacturing, pledges that American workers “won’t lose one plant” and declarations that “they are all coming back” have been broken time and time again during his term of office. Dozens of IAM-represented facilities from coast to coast have closed since Trump took office, affecting […]

Machinists Union Strikes for Fair Contract at AstenJohnson in Appleton, Wis.

Eighty-nine Machinists Union (IAM) Local 1855 members at AstenJohnson in Appleton, Wis. began striking for a fair contract today at 7 a.m. CT. The striking IAM members at AstenJohnson, who produce specialty fabric for the paper industry, are seeking reasonable healthcare expenses and cost sharing. IAM Local 1855 members rejected company contract proposals on Oct. […]

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