Month: February 2021

Amazon loses attempt to delay milestone union vote at Alabama warehouse

Thousands of Amazon warehouse workers at an Alabama facility will be able to cast their votes on whether to unionize by mail-in ballots beginning next week after the National Labor Relations Board rejected the company’s latest attempt to stall the vote by pushing for it to be held in-person, despite the pandemic. In a decision posted Friday, the NLRB […]

Google settles with Department of Labor over allegations of worker discrimination

Google has reached a multimillion-dollar settlement with the US Labor Department over allegations of pay and hiring discrimination, the agency said Monday. The company is expected to pay more than $2.5 million to roughly 5,500 employees and job applicants who allegedly were under-compensated or faced hiring discrimination. The settlement resolves allegations that the company had discriminated against […]

Local union members join in protest against Walmart

Protests were held at several Walmarts around New York today, including Batavia, over concerns that Walmart has reportedly pressured GE-Savant to lower prices for lightbulbs, forcing the company to move a LED light factory from Ohio to China. Press release: On Saturday, Jan. 30, at Walmart stores at four locations in New York state, a coalition […]

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