How IAM Members Made Our Return to the Moon Possible

“Our members have vital roles in each launch. Be it SpaceX, ULA, or these newcomer rocketeers – if Kennedy Space Center shoots it, they make it happen,” said Directing Business Representative IAM District 166 Kevin DiMeco. “These first steps of progress in the Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) program are just a start. The build up to the Artemis Moon missions means steady work for this District.”

DiMeco pointed out key IAM players in the successful February 15th launch of Innovative Machines’ IM-1 Odysseus spacecraft:

  • Base Operations Spaceport Services, who work for Amentum, operated consoles providing critical launch support. Most of the KSC launch range infrastructure is operated and maintained by these IAM members. They are responsible for monitoring the power grid, water systems, and HVAC systems for conditioned launchpad air and gasses.
  • Propellant Life Support Services II program- other IAM members who also work at KSC are responsible for the pipelines and fueling of rockets with hypergolic propellent and oxidizers – literally rocket fuel. Union members at the Converter Compressor Facility control high pressure helium and nitrogen supplies critical to rocket fueling just seconds prior to launch.
  • IAM members also service life support SCAPE (Self Contained Atmospheric Protective Ensemble) suits for the NASA team members and contractors who work on the launch pads around these hazardous fuels. Their use is rigorous and inspected frequently.

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