Sign the Petition to Senator Nelson before Fast Track vote on Tuesday!

The Senate is going to take up Fast Track, TPA, this coming Tuesday. Fast Track will grease the skids for the TPP and other coming global secret corporate designed deals. They have very little to do with trade and more to do with de-regulation of the global economy.

The intense corporate lobbying of our representatives is upwards of $200Million, yet the people have made it clear we do not want these deals to be fast-tracked. We want open review and access to the texts.
2000 organizations, all labor unions, the Sierra Club, and many faith groups have come out strongly against a push that would destroy the global economy, trash the environment, exacerbate human rights abuses, human trafficking and slavery.
We are asking Senator Nelson to stand for what’s right and vote NO on Fast Track. Leave a real lasting legacy for Florida and beyond.

That’s why  a petition was created to The United States Senate, which says:

“We, the undersigned Florida residents, plead with you to vote NO on Fast Track, which will, if passed, allow global corporations to sue under ISDS if they believe our environmental laws are barriers to their profits. South Florida is seeing the devastating effects of global warming. The new Fast Track bill disallows any signing nation to address climate change. Signing TPA is a legacy changer. Vote NO on Fast Track, and YES for climate change solutions.”

Will you sign the petition? Click here to add your name:

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