Turkey Town Delevers Again!










Joe Kapalo unloads many of the 1,920 turkeys.

Thousands of people were fed a Thanksgiving turkey dinner who would otherwise gone hungry. The Big Heart Brigade cooked 78,552 dinners.

Brother Brent Bonar, IAM Local 971 Community Service Committeeman, donates his time every year. This year he was again jointed with Brother Joe Kapalo.

The Big Heart Brigade was started in 1992 by David DeRita. Dave came across a group of homeless Vietnam Vets just before Thanksgiving. David and his father Tom provide 17 meals for the Vets and their families.

Tom then brought together local businessmen, neighbors, firefighters and other civil servants and formed the Big Heart Brigade.

Local 971 has been proud to help along with other unions in the area.

By The Numbers

1,920 Turkeys

6,000lbs of stuffing

3,600lbs of potatoes

12,500lbs of green beans

879 gallons of gravy

21.3 miles of saran wrap

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